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Remembering Patricia “Pat” Hitchcock

August 12, 2021

I could watch the Alfred Hitchcock directed film, “Strangers on a Train,” over and over, as its great cast, led by “villain” Robert Walker and “supporting sister,” Pat Hitchcock, the daughter of Mr. Hitchcock and film editor Alma Reville, who died days back at age 92, leaves an indelible, great impression.

Pat Hitchcock, who later would appear in 10 “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” episodes and “hit it out” with her “he probably noticed my wedding ring” line in “Psycho,” showed great versatility within her “Barbara Morton” character, the sister of Ruth Roman’s Anne (Farley Granger played Anne’s lover and “Hitch’s” cameo was carrying a large musical instrument onto a bus) in “Strangers on a Train.”

Ms. Hitchcock, who later was executive producer of the documentary, “The Man on Lincoln’s Nose,” about Robert F. Boyle’s great career, did much to preserve and promote her father’s immortal works, truly had “acting chops.”

At the end of her first episode on “Presents,” which aired in October/1955, Mr. Hitchcock peaks through the curtain after walking off the screen and says “I though the little leading lady was very good.”

Hopefully, in line with what Patricia’s upbringing taught, she is hearing praise for her wonderful “earth life,” in a better place now.


Patricia Hitchcock 1996.jpg

Patricia “Pat” Hitchcock pictured above.

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