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You Root For Laundry

July 30, 2021

You, still loyal to teams, ought to be aware by now, that you root for “laundry.”

The Cubs ended a 108 year title drought in ’16, soon followed by their owner’s backed candidate, D.J. Trump gaining the presidency. I wanted Hillary Clinton and the In”dians,” soon to be the Guar”dians,” which I think, unlike the change of the truly offensive Washington NFL team nickname, was/is not necessary, which it would seem “flies in the face” of my liberal views. More on such another time, but I add that though I suffer for my idealism, logic and lack of greed–I have always “Bill Klem’d” it and as with the legendary umpire, been right much of the time.

Now less than 5 years later, they are breaking up that ’16 Cubs’ title team. Those spoiled North Side fans got their title as did the Dodgers in 60 game 2020, though Cubs fans (far too many) abused a fan while a few Dodgers’ fans beat a Giants’ fan. I still have nightmares that a young man, so long ago was beaten that way, for no reason, in my home time.

Unlike Henry Fonda, who did positive regarding the horror of seeing a man lynched, I have suffered regarding it and other things in virtual and often cowardly, maybe practical silence.

So much less important, but I will not retract it:

Cashman, whose special place of greed, might eventually get him a seat next to Steinbrenner and not in the better place, is NOT going to win this one.

He and his kind know about the “wood,” the edge and live easy lives, while quixotic types such as me suffer the slings, arrows and overall time consumption of not having enough (Mr. Roosevelt (called Frank, in the excellent film, “Paper Moon,” by then 9 year old, Tatum O’Neal and his lousy treatment of her, is another reason I dislike McEnroe so intensely. His (McEnroe’s) picture is prominently displayed next to “spoiled brat.”) the latter, “poverty being so time consuming” which Franklin Roosevelt cited.

See Mr. Cashman, as you shop, in rich lilly WHITE, Izod, Polo Shirt, on your cell phones Connecticut, in your spoiled rich hedge fund, aided life, the A’s have the “wood,” in the form of a 3 plus game(s) lead and I say and unfortunately will PAY, so that you do not catch them and qualify for the prostituted post-season tournament.

It speaks to the utter ineptitude of Michael Kay (I am perhaps out of line “attacking” Cashman as I do not know him and also he did “architect” along with the far classier, now deceased Bob Watson and Gene Michael, multiple Yankees’ title teams adding the likes of O’Neill, Brosius, Polonia, Chili Davis and a sure thing, great named Knoblach, among others. Steinbrenner, as with a broken clock, was right at least twice, concerning Reggie and “Bet on” Wade Boggs), a person I know to be bankrupt of morality, but of course rich with money, that he failed to note the (5-4)/last out on a pop out to third, symmetry, when Boston virtually assured the Yankees would not win the one eighth division last Sunday. Of course that October 2, 1978 was the end with no wild card. That referenced July 25 tilt was then and with the horrible wild card presence, thus let’s face it, Cashman and the Yankees, though so greedy, did what they had to do.

However, and believe me I no longer really care that much, though you would not know that by this rant, they loom, to at least make the wild card.

Once in sick, sick, “ruin my life” fashion I battled the Yankees’ “windmills,” suffering unfairly, not so much when they won, but when they annexed so many players, in the cases of Reggie and Boggs, two I had liked so much, with their previous teams.

Again it is laundry. I am too tired and ADD’d to expand on it, but you get it.

My once loved Lakers are pigs also, the latest “ejemplo Sp? and of course in Spanish) getting Westbrook. Ditto the Dodgers with Scherzer and many other teams. What chance do the Pirates have?!!

Anyway I say A’s, Astros, Rays, Red Sox and White Sox. Try Giants, Dodgers, Padres, Brewers and Mets, as I chalk it, perhaps with the exception of the Yankees.

They ruined baseball, it is laundry, bogus wild card, too many ‘offs teams, ridiculous rules this season that I will not dignify with comment.


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