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“Mason” Football “Tie Ins”

July 10, 2021

Let’s get away from the “might have been” (add the “r” for the annoying Breen and no comment on Van Gundy’s hoodlum words, save to say I already thought very little of him and that negative opinion has increased) (those saddest of words) ‘NHL and NBA ‘offs, which so likely will yield Lightning then Sun(s), though I will count on the NBA/ABC/ return home for the first Bucks’ home final tilt since ’74, to at least offer “Milw” hope, with a #3 win.

I get away from the ‘offs with 4 football “tie ins” I have mined, with some license and mucho tangents, from a “Perry Mason” episode, titled “The Hesitant Hostess.”

There are characters and actors named “Joseph Gibbs” (namesake of the 3 time Supe winning coach), “Larry Coles,” (Larry Cole was a Dallas Cowboys standout player and was shown rolling on the ground but not from the game NFL Films (unlike almost all in sports broadcasting, NFL Films did, maybe still does a good job, but had a misleading moment regarding Cole), actor Don Anderson (better known as Donny Anderson, a Dallas Cowboys related, as is Joe Gibbs having coached the rival Washington football team. Arrogant VsINers, still refer to them by the horrible nickname, adding to my personal “trail of negative tears,” as Anderson made big plays in his Packers’ Ice Bowl winning, “Bart Starr led and Chuck Mercein major contribution,” drive (sorry but contribution and drive are linked, think charity), touchdown drive), and finally actor Brick Sullivan, evoking Paul Newman’s role as once football star “Brick,” in Tennessee Williams’ seminal, “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.”

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