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Never A Title, Given So Much Charles Barkley Is An Almost “Guaranteed” WRONG AND Undeserving

June 16, 2021

The Nets, who years back annexed Julius Erving, annexed again and one they annexed, a brilliant player, Kevin Durant, hit for 49 points and had a great overall game as the Nets, who are (6-0) at home in these ‘offs, and bet from (plus 4 to plus 1) (114-108) vs about to be highly criticized Milwaukee (Bucks, never for me because I can not watch, I can not follow but if I knew Barkley “guaranteed” a Bucks’ win, I would have).

In fact, just going vs Barkley, a never title winning and while great, he was even more over rated, is a money maker. Why this man can just throw and rarely stick and almost never be right is beyond me.

I no longer can fight it!!


Kevin Durant (Wizards v. Warriors, 1-24-2019) (cropped).jpg

Why did the great player, Kevin Durant, pictured above while helping the Warriors win 2 of their 3 recent titles, have to leave the Warriors? 

Then again, in fairness, why did this 2 time “jumper,” have to pick his team, as he did in choosing the record breaking, but final round losing, Warriors, after the ’16 season?!!

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