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Remembering Jim “Mudcat” Grant

June 14, 2021

Sadly, news came that the excellent pitcher and fantastic man, Jim “Mudcat” Grant passed on at age 85 over the past weekend.

I will post again what I wrote regarding Mr. Grant (wow Minnesota was where and for whom, Mr. Grant won 21 games and 2 more in the ’65 World Series and where another Mr. Grant, played by Ed Asner on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, would have in extended fiction, cheered for Mudcat) 2 years ago.

Once I called Claude Osteen and then years later repeated that I thought he and not Howie Reed, who sadly died far too young) gave up the #6/’65 W.S. home run to Jim Grant.

Maybe Reed can pitch to Grant again in the sky.

Click below as the link and my post includes Jim “Mudcat” Grant singing in tribute to the great Twins player, Harmon Killebrew, accompanied by Ric Oliva, the son of another “Minne” great, Pedro “Tony” Oliva. See Mrs. Killebrew’s truly moving reaction.



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