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Coincidence Amidst The Sadness Of Abuse(s)

June 10, 2021

Yesterday, I happened to view a tape (remember those?!) from September 1987 and on it, from the days before ESPN was the all powerful monolith it is now, was a Penn State football show on which their last title season, the second of two under the “sanctimonious” Beano’s (Cook) word for him, Joe Paterno, was reviewed, before a preview of the new season, now nearly 34 years into the “rear window.”

The impact and perspective  sharp,  a degree, as though shards of glass from said mirror.

After Paterno talked about the game, a (14-10) Penn State win for which I still do not “forgive” Jimmy Johnson, Vin Testaverde and favored Miami, for losing, though along with Beano and Jim Lampley, who called me at Score Phone Turkey Day night to state Penn State would at least cover vs what would be “an off the juice” Miami team, I cashed some.

My dad, who surely at least related to the successful Paterno, (Beano thought he was an outstanding football coach, but alas, what always goes along with that–the souls strewn aside the veritable road) talked of how I was so often vs “successful people.” I never liked Paterno and as with M.L. Weiner, saw through him.

After Paterno, on comes Gerry Sandusky the defensive coordinator talking about his game plan and how effective it was vs Miami and it was. Of course, Mr. Sandusky later, much later and far too late, was found to be one, who sexually abused others.

Now this morning, all powerful ESPN reveals that the son of Bo Schembechler, another all powerful football coach, who also fired the great Ernie Harwell, when he ran the baseball Tigers, knew his son had been sexually abused and as with Paterno, did not respond properly. An understatement!

Again to Beano and a rant/notification, that I so often have been right as I see through the hypocrisy and “indict” not just the sexual abusers (I know this is advanced, but if you have that problem check in, get help and the system can take measures to help. The way it is now will only make things worse, as with almost any other undetected PROBLEM!!) but also the ESPN’s, which hype these coaches, players and worst of all, no talent “bags of wind,” such as S.A. Smith and to a lesser degree, Dick Vitale, he of the enormous bank account and Tampa Bay teams enjoyment.

When Schembechler died, Beano appeared on ESPN Radio. I asked him what he said and in a hurry he said as he often did that “he had to go.”

However, before getting “off the line” (even I am too young for that phrase) Beano said they praised Schembechler, adding “the only one they say something bad about when he dies is Hitler.”

Sorry Bo, but Beano also added that as a coach he lost too many big games and the hype for his life and career, I add was out of whack. Typical and so help me this happened, another sign, but alas, where and how to go anywhere with it?!!

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