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Remembering Jerome Hellman

May 29, 2021

The great film producer, Jerome Hellman, a true visionary, who combined with other great talents, including the once blacklisted Waldo Salt, in the seminal film, “Midnight Cowboy,” died days back, at age 92.

I refrain from a Peter Finch (as “Howard Beale” in “Network”) warning, however, emphasize we keeping losing those who produced great art and Mr. Hellman epitomized that, with “Cowboy” and “Coming Home,” as two prime examples.

Add his first film as a producer, “The World of Henry Orient” and “Day of the Locust,”  among others.  I cite his one acting credit, in the extraordinary film, “Being There. What a career (it rhymes) and also resonates, likely, forever to do so !!

I met Mr.Hellman, (my friend J.R.’s father), once, at an event celebrating “Midnight Cowboy’s” 40th anniversary.

He was eloquent both on stage and off.  I remarked that I ran up an aisle to greet him, as he did, to accept the Academy Award from Elizabeth Taylor, (she was wearing an incredible diamond), for Midnight Cowboy.

Maybe now she is greeting him again, praising his extraordinary career and life.


Mr. Hellman’s classy, brief thank you, ends this great video.



The truly great film producer, Jerome Hellman, pictured above. 

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