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Cities/Regions With NBA/NHL ‘offs Teams Notes

May 23, 2021

Five cities/regions have playoffs participants in both the NHL and NBA.

Those cities/regions are New York/Brooklyn/Long Island, Denver/Colorado, Boston, Miami/Florida and Washington D.C.

The New York area, call it that, has the plurality NBA title favorite, the “Annexing Nets,” the surprising Knicks (slight underdogs despite having the home advantage vs the Atlanta Hawks, starting today) in the NBA and the Long Island based, Islanders (tied (2-2) with the Pens in their NHL prelim), in what I believe to be their last Nassau Coliseum year.

Denver has the top ranked NHL Avalanche and the Jamal Murray (less) Nuggets, already down (1-0), as the so called “sharps” have series “fave,” lower seeded (the West “6”) Portland (Trail Blazers).

Boston’s Bruins have won 3 straight from also “2 teams in,” Washington D.C.’s, Capitals to lead their prelim (3-1), while the East “2” but again the plurality/title “fave” Nets covered/”all-teased” the Celtics, in their round of 16/NBA prelims opening game.

The other “Wash” ‘offs entry, the NBA “East 8” Wizards are about 8 to 1 series underdogs vs the Philadelphia 76ers.

Yesterday was a bad day for Miami/Florida teams, as first the defending NHL champion, Tampa Lightning ripped the (Florida) Panthers to take a (3-1) prelims series lead while the Milwaukee Bucks, regaled in their green uniforms, no covered the Heat in overtime, in their series lid lifter.

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