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50 Years Later: Two ’71 “Quarters” Rematches, In The 2021 NBA Prelims

May 21, 2021

These are NOT exact dates notes, however, they do take us back 50 years, to same calendar 1971.

In 1971, 4 teams from each NBA or for that matter, NHL Conference made the ‘offs and the quarterfinals were the first round.

Fifty years later, two of the four Eastern Conference “quarters”/NBA round of 16/prelims are a redux of a 1971 quarterfinal series.

One matches the 2021 East “1” seed, Philadelphia (76ers) vs the Washington Wizards, who as the Baltimore Bullets, 7’d the Sixers in one quarterfinal series in 1971.

In the other “quarter,” involving Eastern Conference teams in ’71, the New York Knicks 5’d the Atlanta Hawks. Fifty years later, the “4” seed Knicks are a slight underdog vs the “5” seed Hawks.

More notes, many more, in the days ahead.

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