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Knicks/Hawks 50 Years Later And A round Earlier

May 17, 2021

Two of each NBA Conference’s “semis”/NBA Prelims are set and one is a redux of a “quarter” 50 years ago, between two surprisingly good NBA teams, the East “4” seed Knicks, a mind blowing 20 games over .500 vs the spread and the 6 to 1 winners of their “figurehead” (another ode to Prince Phillip) division, the Atlanta Hawks.

I recall that “quarter,” 50 years ago, beginning with a mid week afternoon game at Madison Square Garden and listening to the great broadcaster, Marv Albert for the radio only tilt.

The Knicks won the series in 5 games.

Marv Albert, not far shy of 80 years old, will retire after calling the last game of the Eastern Conference Final on Turner Network Television in about 6 weeks.


TRB B. Bridges-ATL36

A great memory is Bill Bridges appearing in Chuck Barris’ “The Gong Show Movie.”

Another, is Mr. Bridges recording an astounding 36 rebounds in the lone Hawks’ win in that ’71 “qtr.” in game 2, at New York. 

The stat is shown above. The Knicks also “quartered” (they swept them) the Hawks in 1999, when as opposed to in ’71 when they failed to do so as the East “1” seed and defending NBA champion, they made the NBA final, as the East “8” seed.


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