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Watching “Our Very Own” Notes

April 21, 2021

Let’s keep it “light,” with some notes/coincidences gained from watching the 1950 film, “Our Very Own,” yesterday on TCM.

“Linking” with four actors, all women, (actresses?) Joan Crawford, Ann Blyth, Joan Evans and Jane Wyatt, notes manifested and follow.

Ms. Crawford was not in the film, but was the godmother of Joan Evans, the latter named after the great star. Crawford also played Ann Blyth’s character’s mother, in the great film, “Mildred Pierce,” directed by Michael Curtiz.

In that one, Blyth is really “bad” and at one point, gets slapped by Ms. Crawford.

“Our Very Own,” (no need for a spoiler alert as I will reveal little regarding the story) yields a scene where a far more sympathetic character, played by Ms. Blyth, is slapped by her father, played by Donald Cook.

Jane Wyatt plays the mother of Blyth’s Gail, Evans’ Joan and 12 year old Natalie Wood’s Peggy. In an early scene, the phrase “Mother knows best” is uttered by I believe, Gus Schilling, playing a television delivery person, this of course in the early days of television.

Speaking of television, Jane Wyatt later played the mom on “Father Knows Best,” a fine and popular television show.


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