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Better Change The Attitude And Rules/Laws That Allow The Cops to Often Get Away With Murder

April 12, 2021

On their side, which clearly is not my side, as in addition to the rage I feel vs them killing Black people, I have been victimized by their “ball breaking” attitude over the years and cringe in fear and strong dislike every time I see them, they do face danger and once long ago, before I knew better based on bitter experience, I admired them.

This is not right on my part, to paint with such a broad brush, and oh have I tried, with limited success, to curtail my anti-cops feelings.

Leaving my woes and tough luck involving them and other matters, I am pretty sure I have a couple or three suggestions in attitude and law change, that just might help. Maybe some good can come out of all this unnecessary tragedy.

This was so wrong, regarding Mr. Wright’s death. Registration?!! That yielded death!! When they “ball broke” me, I got a traffic ticket or a parking ticket or “just” their stinking, superior, attitude!!

You out there on the fence with your some to mucho degree of bigotry, imagine having a son who could easily LOSE HIS LIFE any time he has an encounter, with these supposed trusted officials.

Next is their “shoot first, take your chances in court attitude.” Backed up by a sickening grand jury system, so stacked vs the petty offender and in violence protection, step with them, they get away with it.

Finally check their attitudes. I know how so many feel and the abuse goes way back. This is awful and ongoing!

So I say to you-stop “ball breaking,” Stop thinking you are so great, (anyone can wear sunglasses), change the shoot first thing and change the laws that favor it.

A la the great Robert F. Kennedy, a man like you, me and them, with flaws, urged the night Martin Luther King was killed, I urge my side, the largely Black protesters to protest yes, but sans violence and destruction.

You may say 2 months after Kennedy helped peace, at least in the Indiana city in which he was that night, 2 months later he was killed and truthfully right then, it (all hope) was gone.

Yet even I must persevere and even keep quiet. You do not have to, however, do so peacefully. We will get there but I understand your/my pain today, as it has happened again!!

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