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47 Years, This The First Sans Henry On Earth

April 8, 2021

Today marks the 47th anniversary of Henry Aaron’s record breaking 715th career home run, one more than George Herman “Babe” Ruth, and for the first time since, Mr. Aaron is not here with us, on the angst ridden earth.

It comes one day after Mr. Aaron’s grandson answered the neanderthal thinking Kelly Loeffler, regarding the All-Star tilt being moved from Atlanta in response to the exponentially regressive anti voting rights legislation passed in Georgia.

Less important, but Henry’s team for almost all of his career, the Braves, won both ends of a 7 inning doubleheader to raise their record to (2-4).

Again, the legislation passed is an exponential number of steps back, after some forward. Loeffler, as seemingly always is full of it (you thought I would type s–t?) in saying moving the game is an insult to Henry.

I add not so “tongue in cheek” because Manfred, while not a villain like Maddox (Lester, not Gary or the over rated Greg) helped ruin baseball, but why give him much credit for moving the All-Star Game (that game is a joke any way) and I hope the Braves, so close last year, are still “allowed” to possibly win.

Oh we are so far from that great moment when Henry connected, so let’s look back. 


Milo Hamilton also called Forrest “Smokey” Burgess’ record breaking pinch hit.


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