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Gonzaga (-4 half) vs Baylor, Each seeks first Crown. Tied Suggs “Bank” Lifted 15 Point Fave, Gonzaga. Great Game? Yes. Greatest ? Not close Yet The Hype Always For The Latest!!

April 4, 2021

Jalen (beware of Jalens, “loser,” albeit a well paid one such as Rose, in title tilts, Rose and Michgan were (0-2) Suggs’ bank shot “3” TIED, lifted still undefeated, Gonzaga (93-90) vs 15 point “dog” U.C.L.A. and into the title tilt, where they are a 4 plus point(s) favorite vs Baylor.

Baylor eased to victory vs “doing the game” Nantz and Houston. 

I ought to have known after a team and network loss vs “Mr. Hedge Fund,” he and the network would get a classic second semi and unfortunately a) they did and b) as always, I could not “pull the trigger” (it is one thing to despise guns but seemingly I hate to win. This was as Pauly Howard/Mitch Moss would say “ice cream.”

Suggs turned me off with his celebration, of what was a lucky shot. It did not clinch the title.

I have money on Gonzaga and sans income will have to root for them. However, it would be nice in this year “never a title” Elgin died, Baylor and not Gonzaga, would get their first crown.

Notes: Both teams, by the way, each a very good college team, but yesterday’s “escape” vs a not so good, but courageous U.C.L. A. team, proved Gonzaga is not a great team, are in their second title tilt.

In same calendar 1948, (Mr. Truman went “up in my book” as I was reminded of his brave pro civil rights stance watching a fine PBS documentary, “The Blinding of Isaac Woodard”  and of course he was a big upset winner, in that year’s election) Kentucky won the first of its 8 titles, the first  4 under “Baron” Rupp, a segregationist, vs Baylor.

Four years ago, slight favorite, North Carolina took Gonzaga in the title game.

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