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DQ’d Not Just For Money, But In Life

March 19, 2021

Goodness, it is exactly 39 years since a group of us were disqualified on, or out of, a 2355 dollar daily double, on Friday March 19, 1982.

“Animal Schtunk,” one of many who mistreated, then “ghosted” me, is right regarding people being disappointed when told, we did hit for 1200 dollars on that double.

His conversation with my mother is a classic, my mother saying we should have been happy plus 1200, which thanks to him became 800. I correctly wanted to leave, when we got DQ’d.

The worst part is we, my mother and me, were worried about an eventual, very evil aunt, who more than any other is responsible for my mother’s death.

Fifteen years later my mother prayed at my father’s grave, for an uncaring uncle.

Quoting and paraphrasing Bruce Springsteen, shakily confident in karma, wishing me well and that they will see their wrong—“They’re still here, my parents and in many ways me, are all gone!!”

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