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I Think “Wow” Notes Regarding Great Pitched Games

February 23, 2021

In “reviewing” Sal Maglie’s no hit game, which was in a crucial game, in another great pennant race (the likes of which we are denied by the wild card presence), in 1956, I learned what I think are incredible/”wow” facts/coincidences.

Simply and for once succinct here, Maglie’s no hitter in a Brooklyn Dodgers’ September 25, 1956 win vs the Philadelphia Phillies, occurred 13 days before Don Larsen’s perfect game vs Brooklyn, whose starting pitcher in that (2-0), pivotal game 5 Yankees’ win was Maglie.

In the ninth inning of Maglie’s no hitter, the great catcher and player, Roy Campanella makes a very good catch on a foul pop up near the Brooklyn Dodgers’ dugout. It is Dale Mitchell, (cited here just days back in another juxtaposition/coincidence regarding the ’48 W.S. and of course the Larsen perfect game) who helps him from falling.

The “of course” an exaggeration and it refers to the fact Larsen got Mitchell on a called third strike to complete his perfect game.

After “Campy’s” nice play, the Phils next batter, a pitcher, but a good hitter was Harvey Haddix. Need I “type” more.

Of course I do, as Rabbi Wise often intoned “do not confuse ignorance with stupidity,” and I add that while some younger people today knowing so little about history, not sports history, but say this country’s history is not good–not knowing that about two and a half years later, Harvey Haddix lost in what was not so arguably the best pitched game in big league’s history.

He hurled 12 perfect innings, but mound opponent that May 26, 1959 Lew Burdette also allowed no runs, in fact he did so for 13 innings and when his Milwaukee Braves’ team, (have to?– cite they were the team Brooklyn beat out in the above referenced, great N.L. race in 1956 and that the second year version of L.A. Dodgers, did same in a playoff that ’59 season. In between they won it all in ’57 and were denied in 7 by the Yankees, reversing the ’57 result, except that the Yankees overcame a (3-1) W.S. deficit to do so. No matter, despite underachieving, those Braves teams which included such as Henry Aaron, Ed Mathews, and Warren Spahn were truly great) scored B13 (the rather strange details another time), Haddix and his Pirates, who were to be World Champions the next season, also in a 7 game W.S. but one whose game 7 was so dramatic, and with Harvey Haddix getting the win in a relief pitching role, lost the game.

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