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“Around The World” (No not song/dance/love) But Injustice–It Is On You Now McConnell, The Non Henry Clay And Much Worse Than That

February 14, 2021

“Famous last words,” but in the near future, I believe it will be the Democrats, who prevail, and many of the cowardly Republican senators, who voted against the justice, that would have assured that a truly ill, evil, bully that incited an insurrection, as he cried over a decisive loss, would never even attempt elective office, will lose, certainly when the REAL time comes, maybe, even likely, in their next office bid.

Yet, I must express rage and direct it at the preeminent Trump enabler, (think of a parent and a damaged kid, making all of it so much worse) Mitch McConnell.

Now a McConnell and his beliefs would have never “flown” with me, but did not this man emulate Henry Clay?

Yesterday, would not have been the compromise, Mr. Clay often undertook. No, yesterday was about justice and thanks to McConnell and others, lack thereof.

Some heroes have “feet of clay,” you McConnell are no hero, no Henry Clay and will go DOWN (way) in history, as enabling, not only a “sicko” who “built-from people’s utter indifference and stupidity, by among other things saying “you’re fired,” to become president, but set it up for future presidents, maybe even one who is a Democrat, to abuse power, the way Trump did so.

Why Not? Maybe some day, but clearly not yesterday, justice will prevail.



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