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More “Seen Nowhere Else” Supe Notes

February 12, 2021

It appears that in 4 Chiefs’ Super Bowl appearance seasons, not once did both the Chiefs and their eventual Supe opponent lose on the same day for the entire season.

This was the first time in their 4 Super Bowl appearances that K.C. “entered” (think of the classic “Sunshine Boys” scene when Mr. (Walter) Matthau’s character exponentially annoys George Burns’ by saying “ENTERRR”) the Supe as the team with the better record.

K.C. only lost 2 in the past year’s “reg,” one on October 11th, a day and week, their eventual Supe opponent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a bye/off day.

Last season, K.C.’s final loss was at Tennessee, whom they eventually “semi’d/AFC title tilted” at home, was on Sunday November 10th while their eventual Super Bowl opponent, the S.F. 49ers, lost their first game the next night.

For the record, last season, current title holder, Tampa Bay (Buccaneers) opened its season with a loss at eventual Supe “non-winner,” S.F. (49ers).

In neither ’66 or ’69, did the Chiefs or their eventual Supe opponents, (Green Bay in ’66 and Minnesota in ’69) come even close to losing on the same day.

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