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Some Rain From Me Into Harlan/The Chiefs “Wonderful Life”

February 7, 2021

Joe Buck, who has been the lead television announcer on every World Series this century, accounting for his record breaking 21 consecutive “such,” is not the only “son of a” (do not like either, but the words are) FAMOUS FATHER, to succeed wildly beyond, what I opine, as remotely fair, witness Kevin Harlan.

In fact just listen today as Harlan the son of “Pack” long time executive, Bob Harlan, calls his record breaking 12th consecutive Supe on radio (Westwood One) breaking a record, if today he is breaking it, that he shared with Joe’s entree, his father Jack Buck. (I know Jack Buck had a long streak of radio-ing Supes, (he also TV’d the Chiefs first Supe win, with Joe doing the same 50 years later, last year, when K.C. won a second. “They” replaced Buck, with the arrogant, but far more competent than either Buck and certainly Harlan,  Howard David, when among other things, Jack “had” tight end Jay Novacek going back to pass and not Joe Buck’s future analyst, Troy Aikman.)

Anyway, this is to finally “rain” on Harlan, (don’t worry he will live) who last year “had his cake and ate it,” calling a Chiefs’ AFC Title Game win and Supe triumph. He admits the Chiefs are special to him and his family. I know they have a phenomenal record in games I know about,  both winning and covering so many.

I can live (still can not stand him. Mr. Aprea deemed him “Elephant Mouth”) with him on television. However, on radio, he, as was the case with Dave Sims who talked with buddy James “Stairwell” Lofton, rather than play by play, and that on radio, when he is “our eyes,” (Harlan) does not delineate yardage. He tells us such as “inside the hashes,” but not yardage, until after his nonsense. Many times he fails to tell us at all.

So let’s hope and even pray, those involved in the car accident involving another “son of,” K.C. assistant coach Britt Reid are ok. 

I call for the beer companies and the car companies, who have so much “loot” to install the equivalent of a “boot,” so people intoxicated, do NOT drive. They can throw in limo passes, perhaps putting the much hyped Eldrick Woods on such, as a reminder.

Yes I have vitriol (here’s more Bob Papa, who unlike his mentor, the great Marty Glickman who “gave us” every 3 yards, does NOT delineate yardage, called David TYREE, as “wide open,” (again the opposite was beyond clearly evident, yet Papa was rewarded with NFL Network gigs at the time). That was vs Brady, TYREE at best did little before or after. Today Brady is vs an established great receiver, TYREE(k) Hill of K.C.) largely due to the fact I ate it/slept it/breathed it regarding sports and have NADA to show for it.

However, minimum I have rights as a fan and when especially on radio those such as Papa and especially the highly acclaimed Harlan do not RADIO properly, that is “Call” for protest vs their non calls and incredible status.

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