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Some “The Incredible, Mr. Brady” Notes

January 30, 2021

Six of Tom Brady’s ten Super Bowl appearances came after wins by his then (that then is a bit out of ratio, as Brady was with “N.E.” for 19 seasons and this is his first, (perhaps last if his team wins but alas $$$ and he has a contract) season with the Buccaneers) New England team in slot 2/later Saturday/Saturday night, division round games.

In the six subsequent Super Bowls, Brady’s “N.E.” teams were (3-3), accounting for half his Supe wins and all 3 such losses. In the latter category, two NFC East teams, the Giants twice and Eagles once, were victorious.

This will be the first second appearance in the Supe for a Brady team, eminating from a slot other than number 2. In Two Thousand FOUR, Brady and N.E. beat the Colts in slot 4 and then the Andy Reid (of course with a title under his belt and such offensive stalwarts as Trav Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and Patrick Mahomes, the Brady team, next opponent, Chiefs’ coach) coached Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Brady and New England are also (1-0) after a Slot 1 win in 2014 and one in slot 3 in 2018.

Brady is bidding for his fourth straight even year crown and first in the same season as the concurrent Alabama also great title period.

He and current Bama coach, Nick Saban did each “title” in 2003, Saban’s with LSU and one shared with U.S.C.

Among title streaks in consecutive even or odd years, I have “top of my head-ed” UCLA college basketball at the top, with an incredible six, all under John Wooden (’65, ’67,’69,’71,’73,and ’75).

The Boston Celtics won 5 straight “odds” (also 4 “evens”–shall I “put out” a 1 or 2?!), doing so in (’57,’59,’61,’63 and ’65), while the Yankees won 4 straight “odd year” World Series (’47,’49,’51 and ’53) before John Podres and company finally got Brooklyn and its Dodgers a crown in 1955.

Montreal’s Canadiens (watch out for them or the Toronto Maple Leafs this year, as I think sans Emrick, NBC will allow Canada (just a hunch), a la Brady and the Pats won 3 straight “even year” crowns, doing so in ’56,’58 and ’60.

Anyone with additional or “such that corrects,” research, please comment.

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