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God Must Have A Bet On His/Her/Its Team As “Recruiting” Continues At An Alarming Rate. ” The Greats. In Henry Aaron, The Omniscient One Got One Of THe Really Great Players And Truly Tested Men

January 22, 2021

The title could be the opening sentence, as I really do not care any longer. They took the great game I loved so much years ago, with the presence of the wild card, and now greats from my time, a far better one, are dying at an unprecedented rate.

Add another “strikeout,” and the so likely chance I will live out my life alone and unfulfilled and that makes it so tough to grasp the news one as great, nice and classy as Henry Aaron, is no longer an Earth inhabitant.

I would never take away from him and will write another post about his legendary baseball career, his off the field greatness in moving civil rights and helping JFK in the 1960 Wisconsin Primary.

Today, as I did not wait for his death to write my true admiration, two past posts about Henry Aaron. I was fortunate to meet Mr. Aaron and his beautiful wife, Billye Williams (as you will read I joked there were 1,181 home runs between them as another great Billy Williams, hit 426 in his great career) on two occasions.

My condolences to Billye and links to the two posts are below. In the next days, as thoughts and memories collate, a more thorough “Remembering Henry Aaron.”

Henry Aaron, Billye and Billy Williams

Some Thoughts About Hank Aaron


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