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Guaranteed Found Nowhere Else– Same Calendar as This-/NFL Championship/Super Bowl Notes

December 30, 2020

Why not?!, as I have such fond memories of the first AFC/NFC configuration season (1970), one of now, 13 with the current calendar. (calendar and 13 evoke Friday the 13th, this rough year, 2020 had two such) and a game for the NFL crown. (Title games in 1936, ’42, ’53, ’59 and ’64), Super Bowls in ’70, ’81, ’87, ’92,’98, 2009, 2015 and the upcoming one to climax the 2020 season).

In the 12 previous NFL seasons with this calendar and a game for its title (The first NFL Title game was in 1933), one of the game’s participants city name or nickname “b”egan with a “B.”

The list follows:

1936 Green Bay Packers defeated the “B’oston “Inappropriate nicknames”

1942 (Now) Washington and with the great Sammy “Baugh” at the helm, the above referenced franchise “b”eat the Chicago “B”ears, the latter “b”idding(this is not eating potato chips, I can and will stop the quotes around the B’s unless said B’s are in the name) to cap an undefeated season with a third straight crown. To this day, only the 1972 Miami Dolphins went undefeated and won a game for the NFL crown while the (1965-1967) Green Bay Packers are the only team to cop 3 straight NFL titles. In a well remembered relatively recent tilt, the New York Giants, who denied another Chicago Bears team an undefeated season and title in 1934, repeated the feat, denying the undefeated New England Patriots in a game for the 2007 NFL crown.

1953   Detroit Lions defeated Cleveland “B”rowns

1959    “B”altimore Colts defeated New York Giants

1964      Cleveland “B”rowns defeated “B”altimore Colts

1970      “B”altimore Colts defeated Dallas Cowboys

1981      San Francisco 49ers defeated Cincinnati “B”engals

1987       Washington “You know what’s” defeated Denver “B”roncos

1992      Dallas Cowboys defeated “B”uffalo “B”ills

1998      Denver “B’roncos defeated Atlanta Falcons

The lone exception follows:

2009      New Orleans Saints defeated Indianapolis Colts A “McCovey,” (alas Willie was known as “Stretch”), the Saints quarterback then and in fact now, was/is Drew “B”rees and the Colts’ more famous and title filled, the latter (3-1) in less seasons, home WAS “B”altimore.

2015      Denver “B”roncos defeated Carolina Panthers

This is a manifestation of many things, not the least of which being a heterosexual man sans a woman, with whom to “build.”

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