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November 9, 2020

Today is the 55th anniversary of a massive electrical blackout in the northeastern part of this country.

65 years ago in 19″55,” the Dodgers titled as they did 55 years ago in “1965” and again in 2020, a year, in which the numbers formed that time span.

Yesterday, I cited three great games from exactly 50 years earlier, on November 8, 1970.

5 of the 6 teams involved in those games played yesterday and all had the same result, as exactly 50 years earlier. By the way, in the Saints,’ who also won exactly 50 years earlier, rout of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to take the NFC South lead, (our first mention of pro “pig” this season) I hope NBC made mention of the Tom Dempsey field goal. You don’t think I watched, no less listened.

One of the “same result games,” was Dallas, (although the (2-7) Cowboys covered the spread for the first time) losing to undefeated Pittsburgh (Steelers) and sadly I saw Dallas coach, Mike McCarthy, whose cowardly, more so, stupid decision to “field goal” at the “Sea” goal line in the ’14 NFC title tilt, do similar yesterday.

Perhaps worse, Jim Nantz, whose hedge funds millions should evaporate for his insulting, talking down to us/U.S. “soft balled” of the Dallas defense playing well, instead of ripping McCarthy’s horrible decision.

Additionally, I wonder what Tony Romo said. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but so often former quarterbacks, who would have fumed at far lesser coaching conservatism, “walk the party line” and opt for that type call.

We got rid of the worst in Donald Trump, but second and third, at least up there in horrible, yet given all, are Romo and S.A. Smith.

What does that say when the Brinks truck backed up for them, while teachers, nurses and other every day people (cue Sly Stone) struggle mightily?!!

Completing the facts, which contained severe venting, the Giants, Saints and Raiders repeated wins 50 years later, while again the Cowboys and Detroit Lions, who met in slot 2 of the div. round that year (1970), with the great announcer, Frank Glieber on it for CBS (even “Teflon man” and great football player, Frank Gifford was excellent providing limited analysis and adequate, when he later did play by play-including on the ’84 season Supe, the first “neutral” network telecast), were on the losing end.


“Every Day People” is performed above. Maybe in the real, (however, one perceives or achieves it) “ABOVE,” it is. Let’s hope.

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