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“B’s” Be President

November 7, 2020

Joe “B”iden made it 7 straight times that a major party presidential nominee with a first or last name starting with “B,” won the presidency vs a candidate or in Trump’s case an incumbent, whose first or last name did not start with a “B.”

Trump is the tenth incumbent President to lose in a bid to be re elected. The last one before him was George H.W. “B”ush, who lost to his future friend “B”ill Clinton in a battle of “B’s.” Perhaps Bush’ put down of broccoli, created the karma needed to defeat him.

His son “G.W.,” and “B”arack Obama each won twice in “B” vs non “B” presidential elections while “GHW,” “B”ill Clinton and now Joe “B”iden won races vs non “B” opponents.

The last time a candidate with a “B” start to either his first or surname lost to a candidate without such, was in 1964, when “B”arry Goldwater “b”ombed (this country has a disgraceful history, regarding bombs and believe me while this Biden win is a step forward, it is within so many back) vs Lyndon Johnson–(middle names not included, Johnson’s war hawking not cited, but I just did!!)


Time to heal, time to be less cynical and critical, but also to acknowledge past micro and macro failures. 

Toward that end, click below as Jim Getty narrates Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address. It can be done. It will not be easy, but it can be done.

By the way as great as the more famous Lincoln “Gettysburg Address” was, this one is more relevant, if not better. 

Of course “they” shot and killed him 41 days later. There I go again, being negative, but given the gruesome, do you blame me?!!


Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address – Lincoln Memorial (U.S 



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