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Baseball Update

October 15, 2020

Nobody even if they are great, (Joe Buck, at best is adequate) should have the power and opportunity this man was given, first being Jack’s son and then gaining even more, from his pushy mother. (If you think this “attack” is below the belt, maybe it is, but listening to Buck and others worse, have all kinds of “nuts” implications, not the least of which manifesting in a rising venom. Believe me, I could have written worse.)

I was faked out by the fact Buck, who gets to do his 23rd World Series starting Tuesday will be on the much hyped, yet not all that important even in a football sense, INTERDivision G.B. at T.B. this Sunday.

That means if somehow Atl/L.A. baseball goes 7, the Emperor (Buck) would miss a game 7. That can not happen, I thought and by a slim margin, still do. However, I was so wrong, as baseball got wins from its trailing LCS teams last night.

As bad as Buck is, John Smoltz is worse, even much worse. He can’t take the time to state things correctly as he never shuts up. Early on, but after an ELEVEN run, L.A. top of the first, Smoltz in full “whore mode,” not only told us it is not easy to pitch with such a lead and the usual “B.S.” to try and get us to stay tuned, he said L.A. was within one OUT of victory the night before.

No John, they were within one RUN and that is quite a difference!!

From the perhaps vitriol to the facts: As both Brooklyn, where they were but (1-8) in post-season series, all World Series–but were never swept or down (3-0), and L.A. the Dodgers have been in 33 best of 7 series (20 World Series with a (6-14) mark and this is their 14th LCS, (7-6 in those 13) and were swept or down (3-0) only once, that in the 1966 World Series, vs the Baltimore Orioles.

It still looks as though Fox will have the longer or at least, as long LCS as TBS, for the 13th time in 14 such possibilities, however, Houston/TBS stayed alive with a win vs Tampa Bay, in game 4.

The TBS broadcast is a slower version of hell. Brian Anderson called “dull as dishwater” here, years back, is no better. Ron Darling did his thing KOing the Yankees for at least the 5th time, so let him go back to ripping former teammates such as Len Dykstra, who unlike Darling, came through in big games. Someone named Jeff Francoeur, is a totally unnecessary third person.

Cosell/ Gifford or Jackson/ and Meredith worked, so did Enberg/Packer and Al McGuire, but no other such configuration did/does or likely ever will.

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