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NBA East Update

September 12, 2020

In their 33rd decisive, 7th game of an ‘offs series (Larry Bird, a true Celtics’ great, wore #33), the Boston Celtics won such a game for the 24th time, beating the game, defending champion Toronto Raptors by 5 points as 3 point favorites.

Now the Celtics bidding for their 22nd NBA final round appearance, (they are (17-4 in those series), are slight favorites vs the Miami Heat, a team with 3 titles and quarterfinal series winners vs the Milwaukee Bucks, who for the second straight season failed to make the NBA final series despite the league’s best record. (Of course Milwaukee had no home court advantage and the horrible death of George Floyd hit close to home. In really not important basketball the Bucks still go down as a disappointment. I have already stated the playoffs should have stopped, they went on and in a basketball sense, the Bucks failed.)

The Celtics 7 game series win vs the Raptors occurred in the first non hockey (the Boston Bruins have won 6 straight series from the Toronto Maple Leafs which squared the all-time series at 8 to 8) ‘offs clash between the cities. The last 4 Boston/Toronto ‘offs series went 7, as did the last Toronto win, that in 1959.


Bird holding a basketball, aiming to shoot

The great Larry Bird, pictured above led the Celtics to 3 of their 17 titles.

Next with 16 titles are the Lakers and you know ABC/NBA wants and I do NOT want a Lakers/Celtics final. 

I will “do what I can” to prevent it but alas there is an election coming up and I have already NOT made the same mistake! Sadly, there is not much to “go around” and even the election pales in comparison to my micro life.

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