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NHL “Semi” Notes, 9/11 Manifestations Including 19

September 10, 2020

Nineteen years (tomorrow) after the events of September 11, 2001, there is the COVID-19/NINETEEN pandemic and on an exponentially lighter note, 9/11 (oh those #’s) manifestations in both NHL semi-final series.

Last night, the Tampa Bay Lightning followed their (8-2) rout (the 412 “free scores” line still disseminated Monday’s scores, two days later) in game 1 with a (2-1) win vs the New York Islanders, to take a (2-0) series lead.

Both teams wanted a change in a second 4 of 5, 8 of 10 pattern in their semis history and the Lightning got it. (More on the other one after the series, as it will be a bit relevant).

Now 4 of 6 Lightning semis have “stood” (1-1) while NINE of ELEVEN such Isles’ series have been (2-0), this a 6th vs the Islanders and only in ’84, did they come back to win.

Meanwhile in the Western Final/NHL semi-final series, the favored Las Vegas Golden Knights, seeking a second final round appearance in their first three seasons, bounced back from a (1-0) loss in game 1 and repeated a game 7/Qtrs (3-0) win in #2, to square their “semi,” vs the Dallas Stars.

Do not look now but NINE of ELEVEN Stars nee Minnesota North Stars “semis” have “stood” at (1-1). I have more, but it could “BUGS” many, so “that’s all folks!”




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