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Remembering Chadwick Boseman

September 3, 2020

The hits, all negative, just keep on coming–the latest being the death of a fine actor, Chadwick Boseman, at the so young age of 43, leaving remarkable work both behind and ahead of him.

In the movie “42,” in which Mr. Boseman played the indomitable Jackie Robinson, it is falsely depicted that a Jackie home run ends the game, in which the 1947 Dodgers clinch the pennant. 

That, however, does not take away from Boseman’s excellent portrayal, one he also accomplished playing Thurgood Marshall. Less known but in the sports realm, he portrayed the great running back Floyd Little in “The Express” about another great, one who died tragically young, Ernie Davis.

In collaboration with Michael Santasieri, who went on to work, helping autistic adults, I named an “Electric Football” player, subliminally, Thurgood Marshall.

Once, that tiny quarterback figure took off, the little motor purring and seemed to go the wrong way, before turning around and breaking clear for a touchdown.

All of us, but especially in this “US,” face steps forward and back.

Chadwick Boseman took many forward and leaves us way too early, however, with much good work. 

Maybe, we can turn and go forward again, however, even what would be a start toward rectifying the injustice, is now only “pick em.”

As Tom Bosley’s “Howard Cunningham” laments in an early “Happy Days” episode, prejudice, really racism, has been around longer.


key. Below is well said, sad and reality is the bullying also had a head start. Try kindness and thank you Key Williamss.
It’s not lost on me the way the internet bullied Chadwick Boseman the last two years about his appearance, him looking tired, etc to the point where he began deleting photos while he was fighting for his life. You truly never know what people are going through. BE KIND.
Chadwick Boseman (28017825484) (cropped 2).jpg
Chadwick AARON (the abuse Henry endured as he approached the great Babe Ruth’s home run record) Boseman, pictured above.

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