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Playoffs Update

August 31, 2020

Yesterday, while the Denver Nuggets forced just the second deciding game and first 7th game of this year’s basketball and hockey ‘offs, (16 NHL and 6 NBA series have been completed) three NHL teams joined the Tampa Bay Lightning with seemingly commanding (it appears that teams up (3-1) in NHL best of 7 series are (284-29) but I remember when no team had overcome a straight (3-1) deficit though the ’42 Leafs had overcome a (3-0) deficit) three games to one, NHL quarterfinal series leads.

Meanwhile the Clippers 6’d the Mavericks and the Celtics “opened” the Raptors, winning game 1 of their “quarter.”

The three NHL teams that took (3-1) series leads yesterday are the Dallas Stars, New York Islanders and Las Vegas Golden Knights.


Dallas Stars logo (2013).svg

The Dallas Stars are one win away from their 11th “semis” appearance and first since 2008.

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