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Remembering Pete Hamill

August 12, 2020

A week after the great writer Pete Hamill’s death, I will recall Mr. Hamill’s words regarding Robert F. Kennedy, his friend and a man he greatly admired.

I will include what I think of as a “million to one” coincidence involving Mr. Hamill and me. I will point out again what a brilliant writer, Pete Hamill was and since it endures, will always be.

A link below expresses Hamill’s anger after some time had passed following another senseless killing in this country.

More positive, not that I do not wholeheartedly agree with Hamill’s rage regarding the deaths he cites and the “4 days mourning and on with business,” that I add, the media perpetuates, is from I believe, Life Magazine (Pete advised newcomers to “look at the clips” I am not professional and have few, if any clips) but I wrote “I Believe” before Life Magazine, on the 20th anniversary, of the tragic death of Bobby in Los Angeles (June 1968).

Ending a piece in which he travels, Hamill comes across an old house, maybe a shack, but he needs assistance. When he notices, among the religious items, a picture of Robert Kennedy, he knows to go in. Hamill wrote it so eloquently.

Finally, I was reading Hamill’s great novel “Snow In August,” at least 15 years ago. In the book, there is many a reference to “The Golem.” I am at a club because my late friend and great publicist, Claire O’Connor’s “event” is there. I watch an old silent movie with subtitles and “The Golem” is mentioned.

About to leave, I tell Claire, who is well aware of me and coincidences, the slight one about Pete Hamill, the Golem (ok a figure in Jewish mysticism, a big entity) and the movie.

So help me, I walk out and 3 blocks away here comes Pete Hamill and his wife Fukiko  Aoki.

I tell him what happened. He smiles. I express my admiration for him. I hoped then feel now, he knows all of it really happened. Good and bad happened as well, often cited in the extraordinary writing of one, Pete Hamill.

Pete Hamill on the murder of Robert F. Kennedy


Pete Hamill, pictured above.






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