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More on Braves/Mets June 5, 1963 (Hall of Famers)

July 13, 2020

Though as stated numerous times here, the fact Pete (Rose of curse) is not in and that others I feel not deserving, are in, I think less, far less of Baseball’s Hall of Fame, than I once did.

However, having been once of awe of it, I still consider it a good gauge at players performance and contribution, to the great game of baseball.

Thus, I consider just the day action from June 5, 1963, in that regard. 

In the already cited Milwaukee Braves (11-9) win at the “Polo Grounds” Mets, future Hall of Famers, Warren Spahn the Braves starter, Henry Aaron (rightfield), Ed Mathews (third base) and Joe Torre (pinch batter and replacement for Bob Uecker, alas, another Hall of Famer though not for his playing prowess) appeared in the tilt for the Braves.

Tomorrow, I will cite Mets and players from an afternoon doubleheader in which the first place S.F. Giants, the defending N.L. champions, visited the surging Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.


Lee maye autograph.jpg

It was (Arthur) Lee Maye, (later a menacing hitter named Lee May graced baseball), whose t 10th, 2 rbi single, produced the game’s last and decisive runs.

Maye was also well known as a rhythm & blues singer. He was the lead singer of the Los Angeles-based doo-wop group Arthur Lee Maye and the Crowns in the 1950s.


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