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Ancient Athens Had Socrates, we get Manfred and the (dis)like

July 7, 2020

They really are going to play abbreviated seasons, (essentially playoffs) in the NHL (not that bad), baseball (horrible and ridiculous, think of past teams ahead after roughly three eighths of the season) and NBA (worst of all–no fans, no gain from regular season prowess).

This pales compared to other obvious problems, but look no further than the leadership in these sports and of course “the king/pro football,” to easily see evidence of this not having the glory of ancient Athens, alas nowhere near, despite the potential and natural advantages afforded us. 

There is not only no Socrates or Plato, alas  Pete is not to be in the “Hall” and they will play a 60 game baseball season.


The Acropolis of Athens viewed from the Hill of the Muses (14220794964).jpg

The Acropolis of Athens as seen from the Hill of the Muses.

Tomorrow, my “muses” will take me to a more optimistic form, with a post revealing an episode of “What’s My Line?”

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