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“Saturday in the Park” –It is The Fourth of July

July 4, 2020

Today, there really is that confluence imagined/perceived, in the great “Chicago” song, “Saturday in the Park.”

In its opening lines it is Saturday, “I think it is the Fourth of July.”

At age 244, the U.S. may tell two versions of a not so hot, .244 hitter in its clear great gift to the rest, baseball.

It is not a good average, but with the disproportionate money boom, roughly and appropriately 44 years old, players hitting such or below, make huge money.

Alas, enjoy the video of Chicago performing “Saturday in the Park” in 1973 and perhaps reflect on these lyrics– if we want it, really want it.”

That applies to so much, one such is the perpetual good of reflection and subsequent improvement. 

“If we want it, really want it,” indeed!



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