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Watching “The Big Valley” Notes

June 28, 2020

Yesterday, I watched a very good episode of “The Big Valley,” on MeTV.

The episode’s title is “Winner Lose All,” and featured a guest appearance by Katharine Ross, this in 1965, 2 years before her turn in “The Graduate.” (praise to Charles Webb, the author of “The Graduate,” who died this month at age 81).

In the IMDB list of cast members, incredibly, Olivia de Havilland, today 3 days from her 104th birthday, is cited in the uncredited role of Ms. Hadley.

Paraphrasing the great singer and song, (Dion and “Abraham, Martin And John” written by Dick Holler) regarding seeing Robert Kennedy, “I thought I saw” Olivia, near a fence with two kids in a key scene.


Series regular,Lee Majors (“Heath”) with Katharine Ross in the 1965 “Big Valley” episode, “Winner Lose All.”

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