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Please no “bogus” baseball season.

June 19, 2020

Unfortunately, in my opinion, “they” have decided to have shortened, diluted season ending playoffs in both the NBA and NHL.

It is far worse regarding the NBA. There, home advantage and fans, while not the “be all, end all,” is so important.

Please powers that be and I know it is about money and the players will decide, no baseball.

A 60 game season with subsequent playoffs is not a legitimate one. A great game has been hurt so much already, regarding the legitimacy of its champion because of the wild card.

Please do not add to this descent, with a 60 game season!


When as was the case regarding the 1982 American League East race, a long (maybe too long but far better than way or even too short) 162 game season came down to one game, with no bogus “safety net” wild card, baseball becomes transcendent. 

Then Robin Yount, pictured above, led the “chain smoking” Bud Selig owned Milwaukee Brewers, to their first title of any kind, with a victory at Baltimore vs the Orioles in a “winner take the division,” 162nd game.

Selig would not have been that nervous, nor would it have meant as much if either there was a wild card which he eventually implemented, nor if it was a shortened season.



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