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“I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich” Is Great

June 12, 2020

I highly recommend “The Plot Thickens,” podcasts on TCM, hosted by Ben Mankiewicz.

In this its first season, the superb director Peter Bogdanovich, is the compelling subject (“I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich”).

His life with its acute “ups and downs” is remarkable and he and Mr. Mankiewicz are very candid, in discussing some incredible events.

Among other things in a remarkable life, the exceptionally talented Bogdanovich wrote about and was friends with another great director, Orson Welles and talked warmly with me, about his admiration of the seminal television show, “The Sopranos,” on which he had a recurring acting role.

Hearing the podcasts (“I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich”) will reveal so much more.


Peter Bogdanovich, pictured above, directed the great film, “The Last Picture Show,” which among other good things, netted Academy Awards for Cloris Leachman and Ben Johnson.






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