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Watching “The Invaders” Notes

June 7, 2020

Last night I awoke around midnight, eventually ignoring the “right back to sleep” maxim and chose to watch “The Invaders” on MeTV.

I was rewarded with a good episode (‘Moonshot”) of a show, I have cited in a past post, as one that I enjoyed years back.

The presence of Peter Graves made me think of his brother, also an actor.

I could not think of the actor.

My mind recalled Dana Andrews and Steve Forrest as brothers.

I had to take Casey Stengel’s advice or that of my mother regarding words, and “look it up,” by the way, in a method that neither “advisor” lived to see.

It is James Arness, “Matt Dillon” on the iconic show “Gunsmoke.” Mr. Graves would soon after this “Invaders” episode of April 1967, become a regular on “Mission Impossible.”


Left to right, James Arness and Peter Graves are pictured above. Arness is the original name for those two brothers.

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