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Who Pinch Hit for Pete (Rose) ??

May 26, 2020

In 1997, outside, but near the baseball “hall,” Pete Rose and some other members of the great Cincinnati Reds’ (Big Red Machine) teams were sitting and likely signing materials.

I was effusive in my praise for the great team and Pete decided to ask me a trivia type question.

Who is the only player to pinch hit for me, he asked. Now, I will ask a question as well,  who is the only player to pinch hit for the great player, Johnny Bench?


Know the answer?  If not, guess by writing in the comments.

Later this week, more, on that day in 1997.


Cesar Geronimo - Cincinnati Reds.jpg

Cesar Geronomo, of those great “Cincy” teams, is pictured above. He is not the answer to either question.









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