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More Detroit Lions And Other NFL Notes

May 23, 2020

Buddy Parker was a part of three of the four Detroit Lions’ teams, that won the NFL Championship. He also has a bit of a link to the other one.

He was a player on the 1935 title team and coached the Bobby Layne led Detroit teams that beat the Cleveland Browns to win the 1952 and 1953 crowns.

In their third clash, the Browns won vs the Lions in the 1954 title game.

Before beating the Browns to win the 1957 title (teams called the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns, have won but one title since, that by the Browns in 1964, this after the Lions and Browns combined to win 6 of the 8 contested from (’50-’57), each team winning it all three times.

Before beating the Browns to win the 1957 NFL crown, the Lions beat the 49ers on the road, at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco to win a Western Conference playoff game and qualify for the subsequent title game in Detroit.

As noted in a recent post, research showed Buddy Parker’s Steelers played a “meaningless” game at Comiskey Park that same day as the Western Conference playoff (December 22nd) defeating the then Chicago Cardinals (27-2).


Click above to view the ad, narrated by Chris Schenkel. It was Jim Doran, who gathered in Layne’s winning touchdown pass in the 1953 title game, a play remembered and shown in the ad.

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