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Some Lions/Niners And Other NFL Notes

May 20, 2020

Among the many interesting facts I discovered after realizing the (31-27) scores in key 49ers vs Lions’ games, fourteen years apart in 1957 and 1971, is that the Pittsburgh Steelers and then Chicago, Cardinals, played a “meaningless” game on December 22, 1957, the same day Detroit’s Lions (31-27)’d the S.F. 49ers, to take the Western Conference crown, en route to their last NFL title, or even final game appearance.

For some reason, the Steelers and Cardinals did not play on November 17th of that year and the NFL deemed it necessary for them to play on December 22nd.

The Lions overcame a (27-7) deficit to beat the 49ers (31-27) in the ’57 Western Conference playoff that day, while “27” was the winning point total, as the Steelers won (27-2) at Comiskey Park in Chicago, vs the Cardinals.

I will have more notes on related NFL— including the 49ers turning the (31-27) score into their favor, to clinch the “one eighth,” not one half, as was the case in ’57, regular season entity vs the Lions in the 1971 finale, also played at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco.


The ticket above did not allow access, as the title game was held in Detroit, matching the hometown Lions and Cleveland Browns.



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