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“Joker” And Joaquin Phoenix Resonate

May 18, 2020

There is so much to the movie, “Joker” especially the award winning performance of Joaquin Phoenix.

Among other things, it is a prequel to the “Batman” story, as the reasons behind “arch criminal,” “Joker’s” emergence are explored.

Robert De Nero, in an almost opposite role as that of his in “The King of Comedy,” when his character “Rupert Pupkin” wreaks havoc on talk show host “Jerry Langford,” played by Jerry Lewis, is talk show host “Murray Franklin” in “Joker”

Frances Conroy, so fondly remembered from the television show, “Six Feet Under,” gives a memorable performance as “Joker/Arthur Fleck’s” mother.

The entire cast is very good with star, Joaquin Phoenix giving a performance of a man’s “descent with reasons,” that truly resonates and warns.


Joaquin Phoenix, pictured above and on Shakespeare Avenue/Anderson Avenue along 167th Street,  in the Bronx, “steps,” gave a riveting performance in “Joker.”

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