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Watching The Great Bette Davis on “Perry Mason”

May 9, 2020

I truly enjoyed watching the immortal Bette Davis, guest star in an episode of Perry Mason, which aired this past Wednesday on MeTV.

The episode originally aired in January, 1963 (season 6, episode 16) and was one of four with guest stars, as defense attorneys, filling in for Raymond Burr/”Perry Mason,” “both” of whom were hospitalized.

Mr. Burr is shown in a hospital room as “Mason,” speaking with “Constant Doyle,” the character played by Ms. Davis.

Bette is great, playing the courtroom scenes, smoking, doing it all with the flair and acting acumen, that made her among, if not, our best actress(es).

Please click below for a fine post by a “Mason” fan, which offers nice detail and perspective on both the episode and series.

Objection Overruled: Confessions of a Twentysomething Perry .


Bette Davis William Hopper Perry Mason 1963.jpg

Bette Davis with William Hopper (“Paul Drake”) on the iconic television show, “Perry Mason.”

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