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Baseball’s Traditional 1959 Openers

May 1, 2020

In 1959, (on Thursday April 9th), unlike now, if there were an opening day, tradition was upheld and only two opening day games were played, each a traditional opener.

The American League opened play in Washington D.C. an improving home team, Senators, winning vs the Baltimore Orioles.

I note the presence of Harmon Killebrew and Bob Allison, two who helped the franchise, which moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul, two years later, improve tremendously, highlighted by their 1965 A.L. Pennant.

Two tremendous right fielders, who would become far greater and meet in the 1971 World Series, drove in their team’s first runs at Cincinnati, in the home team, Reds’ (4-1) victory vs the Pirates.

Those great RF’s were Frank Robinson of the Cincinnati Reds, eventually leading the Orioles of Baltimore, and Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Clemente singled in the game’s first run and the Buccos’ only run. Frank Robinson hit a 2 run home run that gave Cincy, the lead to stay.

Down the road that is time, both “Bobby” and Frank achieved far greater glory.


Note Frank Robinson on the left, having been traded from Cincy to Baltimore (Orioles) between the ’65 and ’66 seasons, is in Reds’ “attire.” Roberto Clemente is pictured on the right.

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