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Curt (Gowdy) Got It Right, Regarding Sandy’s (Koufax) Greatness

April 25, 2020

One more “look” at the Red Sox opening day win at Washington D.C. vs the Senators on April 12, 1965, reveals broadcaster, Curt Gowdy citing Sandy Koufax, pitching effectively in an exhibition game vs the Senators, the day before. Sandy faced 10 batters and struck out 5 of them.

Mr. Gowdy goes on to cite Sandy’s 3 no hitters in 3 consecutive seasons and twice fanning 18 batters in a game. When healthy, the best pitcher in the game is Koufax, Gowdy goes on to say.

Sandy Koufax, whose first 1965 start was 6 days later (I remember going into the car, and the Mets’ broadcast citing that start in Philadelphia) went on to great glory in 1965, winning 29 games (26 in the then great regular season, the All-Star Game and most important, shutout wins in games 5 and 7 of the World Series, as the Dodgers won it all.

It was nice that Mr. Gowdy got it right regarding Sandy’s greatness. In a future post, I will cite the unbelievable 1965 success of most National League opening day starting pitchers from that April 12, 1965 day, when all N.L. teams commenced regular season play.


Click above to see and hear the 1965 World Series end. A great broadcaster, Ray Scott is behind the microphone.

Scott and Curt Gowdy combined to be the lead announcers on 8 of the first 9 Super Bowl telecasts. Each was on the first, Ray on the 2nd, 6th and 8th with Curt presiding for #’s 3, 5, 7 and 9 and in his case, 2 others (11th and 13th).

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