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Watching Robert Osborne Interview Peter O’Toole On TCM

April 21, 2020

Last Sunday TCM aired an interview, which the great host Robert Osborne conducted with the acting immortal, Peter O’Toole some years back.

Mr. O’Toole’s fabulous career both on the stage and especially on screen came to life with some great behind the scenes anecdotes adding to the viewing pleasure.

I learned much about O’Toole’s fabulous career and was pleased to hear how much he wanted and liked his role in “The Stuntman,” one of my favorite films.

Difficulties regarding camels were discussed, regarding the classic film, “Lawrence of Arabia.”

Additionally, Mr. O’Toole as the fictional “Alan Swann,” in the excellent comedy, “My Favorite Year,” is shown delivering the famed “dying is easy, comedy is hard” sentiment in brilliant fashion.

We miss greats in their field, such as Peter O’Toole and Robert Osborne, however, let’s appreciate the fact, their work can still be seen and heard.

Click below for a nice article regarding the “dying is easy, comedy is hard” sentiment which references Mr. O’Toole’s and other’s.

Who Coined the Phrase “Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard .


Peter O'Toole -- LOA trailer.jpg

Peter O’Toole (pictured above), as T.E. Lawrence in the classic 1962 film, “Lawrence of Arabia,” directed by David Lean.





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