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Notes Watching The 1965 Film, “Hysteria”

April 15, 2020

Yesterday, it was really nice to watch the 1965 film, “Hysteria,” starring the fine actor Robert Webber, one of the men around the jury table, in the classic film, “Twelve Angry Men.”

As I tend to do, here are some notes linking the film and sports, in this case Southern California (USC) and for that matter, Los Angeles professional football.

A character in “Hysteria,” is Marcus Allan, (played by Peter Woodthorpe–alas a great sport’s name, think “Smoky” Joe Wood and the immortal, Jim Thorpe),  spelled one letter different, than how famed U.S.C. and Los Angeles Raiders’ great, Marcus Allen spells his name.

Another actor in the film is John Arnott, not all that different, than the highly under rated, great USC and Los Angeles Rams’ all purpose running back, Jon Arnett.

All in all, and all cited provided a nicer day than without.


Robert Webber is pictured, seated and with his arm raised for the correct “not guilty” vote, closest to and just right of “jury foreman,” Martin Balsam (standing). 

“Can” you go around the table and name the other ten fabulous actors? If you “can” or want to try,  let me know. 

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