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Yankees/Braves Circa 1958 Notes

April 6, 2020

One could say that in 15 of 16 seasons from (1949-1964) either the New York Yankees (14 times) or the Milwaukee Braves (3 times, pennants in ’57 and ’58 and finished tied for first, but lost in a pennant/playoff to L.A. (Dodgers) in ’59) finished first, or tied for first after regular season play.

More telling, the teams met in two straight 7 game World Series, the Braves winning in 1957 and the Yankees doing so in 1958.

The Yankees of course were incredibly great, as 14 pennants in 16 seasons surely attests.

The Braves, who moved from Boston to Milwaukee and began play there in 1954, were a great team, largely forgotten as to how great, from (1956-1959.) They were in the ’56 race until the final day of the season before Brooklyn clinched the crown, an event referenced on the fine television show “Brooklyn Bridge” in the 1990’s.

One more note, with each team enjoying a small, very early season lead in eventual pennant winning seasons, the Braves visited Yankee Stadium for an exhibition game to benefit charities, on May 12, 1958.


Brooklyn Bridge (TV series).jpg

Cast members of the fine show, “Brooklyn Bridge,” pictured above.

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