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Citing Al “Grampa” Lewis’ Prescience

March 18, 2020

In reviewing one of my cable television shows, I marvel in retrospect, at the prescience of one Al “Grampa” Lewis, as his opinions stated thirty plus years ago, both on season outcomes and sports trends held up.

One sports prediction he made and remember after the Boston Celtics’ title in 1986 and with the upcoming second pick in the NBA draft, who could have foreseen just one title in 33 (Larry Bird’s # and he won 3, a N.E. player now going elsewhere, “a man named Brady,” won six) seasons for Boston.  Yet, that did manifest.

Mr. Lewis, always a great guest, predicted bad times for the Celtics after the ’87 season in which Boston made the NBA final.


Al Lewis in the backround in the photo above of “The Munsters” cast.

The 1987 show I viewed yesterday, “holds up” and Al Lewis as guest, is a big reason that it does.

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