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San Francisco Final(s) Notes

March 3, 2020

In citing San Francisco “final round/game” history, let’s slightly soothe the wound of the Niners’ blown Super Bowl, by including the college basketball San Francisco Dons, that won in both of their NCAA Tournament Final games (1955 and 1956, led by Bill Russell and K.C. Jones, who went on to many more titles with the great Boston Celtics).

The 49ers after winning their first 5 final round/Super Bowl games, have lost their last two. One can easily make the case the two losses were in closer games than all five wins and certainly four.

In baseball, after losing their first two World Series as the San Francisco Giants, the franchise has won their last three.

I am “factoring out” the two college basketball final round wins with two San Francisco Warriors’ title round losses, to Bill Russell, K.C. Jones and the ’64 Celtics and the Wilt Chamberlain led ’67 Philadelphia 76ers.

The Golden State Warriors will be/are considered an Oakland team, at least by me, for this purpose.

Thus I “have” S.F. (10-6) in final round entities.


Kc jones cropped.jpg

The great K.C. Jones, pictured above.

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