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“Calling” Rays In Two Movies, With Tom Cruise

February 23, 2020


In two of Tom Cruise’s  best known movies, his character has someone close to him, who is less aware, named “Ray.”

Dustin Hoffman, a true acting great is “Ray Babbitt” in “Rain Man,” the movie’s star and Cruise’s “Charlie Babbit’s” savant brother.

Eight years later in “Jerry Macguire,” (1996) Cruise as the title character/lead is “involved” with recently named, ’19 Academy Award “Best Actress” for her portrayal of the great Judy Garland, in “Judy,” Renee Zellweger.

Ms. Zellweger’s “Dorothy Boyd” has a very young son named “Ray,” played by Jonathan Lipnicki.


Click above to view a great routine featuring Bill Saluga. Comedic great Redd Foxx standing to Mr. Saluga’s right, starts it off.

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